Geula Zohar, The History of Her Career

Geula Zohar was born in Petach Tikva, Israel, on February 2, 1928, to Shoshana and Zalman Tsoar. She spent her childhood in Petach Tikva, and was always interested in music, singing, and the folk-dancing.

In 1946 she met Elazar Pedhazur, and it was love at first sight! After a short courtship, they were engaged to be married, and celebrated with family and friends at their wedding on August 5, 1947. In May of 1950, Geula and Elazar welcomed into their family a beautiful daughter, Liora. In 1955, Elazar brought the family to Melbourne, Australia to work with youth groups. In Melbourne, Geula gave birth to Hadar in 1956. It was in Australia that Geula began realizing her dream in earnest by performing in various clubs and organizational gatherings.

After returning to Israel, where the family stayed for a couple of years, the Pedhazurs moved to New York City, where Elazar carried out youth work while pursuing his studies at NYU. Upon being awarded a Ph.D. in 1967, Elazar was appointed to the faculty of NYU, where he taught until his retirement in 1990.

Soon after moving to New York, Geula resumed her singing career by becoming the lead singer in a folk-dancing and singing troupe, with whom she toured extensively in the U.S. and Canada. In addition, she performed as a soloist in various clubs and gatherings of Jewish and Zionist organizations. In the course of time, Geula and two Israeli musicians founded the Shalom Trio that toured extensively in many U.S. and Canadian cities. At the same time, Geula also continued performing as a soloist in the U.S., Canada, and South America. Please visit the gallery, for some pictures and newspaper clippings of her performances. Through the course of her career, Geula released three records, whose tracks are posted on this site.

While Geula performed in various languages (among them: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, Greek, Spanish), she felt that the song that her audiences loved most, the one that evoked the greatest emotions and elicited the most enthusiastic applause, was She'yiboneh Beis Hamikdosh (Let the Holy Temple be Rebuilt).

Through the years Geula has been blessed with many happy occasions, including the marriage of her daughter, Liora, to Alan Schmelkin, and her son, Hadar, to Lois Snitkoff. It was with great pleasure that Geula entertained the guests on the occasions of Hadar's Bar Mitzvah and Liora & Alan's wedding. In 1972 Geula and Elazar officially became "Sabta and Saba," with the birth of their adorable granddaughter, Danielle. Dani would not get to have all of Sabta's attention for too long, as in 1976 Liora and Alan welcomed their son, Alex, to the family.

Shortly after Elazar's retirement from NYU in 1990, Geula and Elazar moved to sunny Aventura, Florida, where they reside today. Geula cherishes her time with family and friends--incidentally, her Floridian friends refer to her as Gigi--and can often be seen organizing group outings to the latest theatrical presentations popular in the North Miami circuit. In June of 2001, after a number of years in retirement, Geula once again rose to the occasion, to sing at the marriage of her grandson to his fiance, Alissa. Her rendition of "Sunrise, Sunset" brought back fond memories of her days as a celebrity at the center of the Israeli folk-music scene in the Northeast, and turned out (not surprisingly) to be a GREAT HIT. All who attended were reminded that Geula Zohar Pedhazur truly has "the voice and personality you'll never forget!"